I’m Still Standing. Yeah, Yeah...Yeah?

Hey Friends, The snow is now melting here in Brooklyn. But on the first day of the big storm a few weeks ago, Jeremy and I set off for a little cabin in The Catskills for a few days. It was super beautiful, a true winter wonderland. We went snowshoeing every day. On our first outing the trail was super steep, we had to blaze it ourselves because the snowfall was so fresh (and so deep!!!!), and after half an hour I was totally peeved with myself that I couldn’t keep up with Jeremy. I had to stop eventually, while Jeremy explored a bit. I took a break in a clearing where it looked like a family of deer made a home in the snow the night before. I felt like a failure. But a failure at what? Is there really such a thing as failure when it comes to a beautiful afternoon of snowshoeing in a winter wonderland? According to my negative thoughts, it’s totally possible.

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