The Chicken In The Backyard

Hi Friends! Now for something completely different… Yesterday I woke up and there was a chicken in our Brooklyn backyard. Our cats like to take a quick (or not so quick) walk out back each morning before their breakfast, sniffing and surveying the terrain of the patio and plants. Until recently, they would journey into other backyards, jumping up on fences, exploring other human territories, but now that they are getting older we supervise them and keep them in our garden only. Nishi tries to make a break for it all the time - three weeks ago she got stuck in our neighbor’s backyard and we had to get a 6 foot ladder from the basement, drop it over the 8 foot tall fence and coax her to climb it. She took each step with delicacy, alighted from the top of the fence, hopped off of our landlord’s gas grill and proceeded to trot in, eat her breakfast and snooze on her favorite chair as if nothing occurred.

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